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Like a B&B but without the breakfast.
' Bed Face / Jazz Hand / Lazy Bones / Monobrow / Mucky Feet / Portishead
Staff Nurse
Room Size 3x4
Cost $6,500
in Hogsport

Ward is a room in Two Point Hospital available for $6,500 and can be used for diagnosis, but also to treat a range of Illnesses like Bed Face, Jazz Hand, Lazy Bones, Monobrow, Mucky Feet and Portishead. A Nurse is required to admit each patient, look after them, and discharge them when they're ready to leave.

A pair of double doors with windows lead into this room. Despite being double doors, only one person can pass through them at the same time. The walls are tri-colored, with the bottom half being a solid purplish-blue and the upper half being a lavender with white wavy lines printed over it, separated by white crown molding. White trim lines the top of the walls along with blue and white speckled base boards. The floor is a checkerboard pattern of white and grey tiles.

It is possible to change the Ward style when it is unlocked with Kudosh.

Function[edit | edit source]

After a patient is arriving the hospital. He will visit the Reception.png Reception. The Assistant will lead him to walk to the GP's Office.png GP's Office. Sometimes he will get the right diagnosis he will sent to another room to make the diagnosis more specific like General Diagnosis.png General Diagnosis or the patient will sent directly to the ward. The Ward has a double door. But that does not mean that more than one patient could walk into the ward nor a patient could walk into and another patient could walk out of the ward. Only one person can use the door at the same time. The patient will walk to the Screen.png Screen and change his clothes. After the patient has changing he will walk to the bed and stand on the side of the Bed.png Bed till the Nurse lead him again how to lay in it.

The patient will lie in the bed till he is fully cured. If the treatment is succesfully he will display it with a hovering heart on his head. Or sometimes he will not cure then he will show it with a broken heard hovering above his head. After the time the patient is lying in the bed and cured (or not) he stands up and walking in to the dressing room to change again. After that he will leave the Ward and the Hospital. Otherside he will lay down on the ground and will die.

Incrase[edit | edit source]

You can increase the amount of nurses they working in the ward. You also could increase the amount of Bed.png Bed or Screen.png Screen. It is useful to place more dressing rooms and order more nurses to work in the ward to increase the amount of patient they could be heal at the same time.

Unlock Challenge[edit | edit source]

As you progress through the tutorial level Hogsport, you will be presented with the required challenge to unlock this clinic. The challenge will ask you to achieve the following things before being able to build this room.

  • Cure 2 Patients
  • Get Hospital to Level 3

Staff[edit | edit source]

The following Staff is required before the room will function correctly.

Items[edit | edit source]

Required Items[edit | edit source]

The following items are required before room placement is valid.

Item Costs
20x20px Ward Door $100
Screen.png Screen $400
20x20px Nurse Station $200
Bed.png Bed $1500

Optional Items[edit | edit source]

Item Unlock Costs
20x20px Locker $100
20x20px Medicine Cabinet K400 $200
20x20px Wall Monitor K125 $500
20x20px Bedside Table K50 $250
20x20px Weight K $

All Items[edit | edit source]

Let us see what we can buy, unlock and place here.

Gallery[edit | edit source]