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There are many items in Two Point Hospital, some need to be unlocked before they can be used. Some must be unlocked with K, which is Kudosh. Players earn kudosh by increasing the star rating of the hospital.

Icon Name Price
Reception.png Reception $1,000
Bench.png Bench $100
Door.png Door $75
Window.png Window $60
Drug mixer.png Drug Mixer $2,000
File cabinet.png Filing Cabinet $100
Plant.png Plant $90
Bin.png Bin $50
Fire Extinguisher.png Fire Extinguisher $50
Small radiator.png Small Radiator $100 (unlocks for K75)
Radiator.png Radiator $100 (unlocks for K10)
Large radiator.png Large Radiator $300 (unlocks for K75)
Sofa.png Sofa $400
Armchair.png Armchair $300
Dart board.png Dart Board $200
Lamp.png Lamp $300
Drinks machine.png Drinks Machine $500
Luxury Drinks Machine.png Luxury Drinks Machine $2,000 (unlocks for K300)
Snack machine.png Snack Machine $500
Luxury Snacks Machine.png Luxury Snacks Machine $3,000 (unlocks for K300)
Office desk.png Office Desk $250
Examination table.png Examination Table $250
Hand Sanitiser.png Hand Sanitiser $200
Magazine Rack.png Magazine Rack $100
Leaflet stand.png Leaflet Stand $200
Newsagent.png Newsagent $1,000
Sweet Dispenser.png Sweet Dispenser $300
Drinking fountain.png Drinking Fountain $300
Salty snacks machine.png Salty Snacks Machine $1,000
Eye test poster.png Eye Test Poster $50
Clock.png Clock $100
Lightheadedness poster.png Lightheaded Poster $50
Energy drinks machine.png Energy Drinks Machine $1,000 (unlocks for K200)
Arcade machine.png Arcade Machine $1,000 (unlocks for K500)
Bookcase.png Bookcase $200 (unlocks for K75)
Large fountain.png Large Fountain $12,000 (unlocks for K1,000)
Telephone.png Telephone $100 (unlocks for K45)
Notice board.png Notice Board $50 (unlocks for K50)
Anatomy model.png Anatomy Model $600 (unlocks for K50)
Food pyramid poster.png Food Pyramid Poster $50 (unlocks for K15)
Big bin.png Big Bin $100 (unlocks for K20)
Small Air Con Unit.png Small Air Con Unit $100 (unlocks for K50)
Air con unit.png Air Con Unit $100 (unlocks for K75)
Anatomy Poster.png Anatomy Poster $50 (unlocks for K?)
Dog painting.png Dog Painting $50 (unlocks for K75)
Beach Painting.png Beach Painting $50 (unlocks for K75)
Indoor fountain.png Indoor Fountain $10,000 (unlocks for K900)
Drawings.png Drawings $50 (unlocks for K15)
Silver Star Award.png Silver Star Award $50 (unlocks for K150)
Gasplank Canvas.png Gasplank Canvas $50 (unlocks for K75)
Fitzpocket Canvas.png Fitzpocket Canvas $50 (unlocks for K80)
Display skeleton.png Display Skeleton $600 (unlocks for K80)
Bronze Star Award.png Bronze Star Award $50 (unlocks for K100)
Gold Star Award.png Gold Star Award $50 (unlocks for K200)
Cubism anatomy poster.png Cubism Anatomy Poster $50 (unlocks for K45)
Cubism Poster.png Cubism Poster $50 (unlocks for K35)
Rorschach poster.png Rorschach Poster $50 (unlocks for K15)
Mountains Painting.png Mountain Painting $50 (unlocks for K100)
Silver Bench.png Silver Bench $100 (unlocks for K50)
Purple Bench.png Purple Bench $100 (unlocks for K50)
Cheesewater Canvas.png Cheesewater Canvas $50 (unlocks for K75)
Trophy case.png Trophy Case $500 (unlocks for K100)
Cupboard.png Cupboard $200 (unlocks for K50)
Gift shop.png Gift Shop $1,000 (unlocks for K1,200)
Rosebush.png Rosebush $300 (unlocks for K500)
Sunflower.png Sunflower $200 (unlocks for K400)
Cactus.png Cactus $200 (unlocks for K200)
Yucca.png Yucca $90 (unlocks for K50)
Chair.png Chair $25 (unlocks for K5)
Certificate.png Certificate $50 (unlocks for K25)
Bed.png Bed $1,500
Nurse station.png Nurse Station $500
Screen.png Screen $400
Nurse locker.png Nurse Locker $100
Example Ward Door $100
De-Luxe-O-Luxe.png De-Luxe-O-Luxe $10,000
Console.png Console $1,000
Toilet cubicle.png Toilet Cubicle $500
Golden toilet.png Golden Toilet $2,000
Sink.png Sink $400
Hand dryer.png Hand Dryer $200
Psychiatrist's armchair.png Psychiatrist's Armchair $400
Psychiatric couch.png Psychiatric Couch $500
60px Extract-a-Pan $10,000
Toxic-waste bin.png Toxic-Waste Bin $200 (unlocks for K50)
Medicine cabinet.png Medicine Cabinet $500 (unlocks for K45)
60px Heart Racer $2,000
60px EZ-Scan $1,000
Wall monitor.png Wall Monitor $500 (unlocks for K75)
Dehumorfier.png Dehumorfier $5,000